You need to find a safe way to release your emotions.
For me I love doing exercise and being creative. Releasing anger is a big thing for me – self harm and self-destruction are not healthy outlets.

Anger outlets – Smashing plates, whack it games, punch bags (+ a baseball bat), demolitions (if anyone works for a demolitions company I’d be happy to help)

Fitness outlets – running, boxing, swimming, Zumba, Zumba aerobics, ballet, dancing, squash, tennis, baseball, football, rugby, weight lifting, basketball, netball, hula hooping …..

Creative outlets – painting (I think it would be fun to get a big blank canvas and through paint at it), drawing, modelling, writing a poem, writing a story, sewing – making a dress or curtains, making a scrapbook, decorating, baking something, making a music playlist, singing, doing your make up, doing your hair, painting your nails, making a board game, face painting (it’s hard to feel really sad if your face is painted like a tiger/clown/rabbit)……..

The support group I run got funding to create an eBook of our poems. I hope you like it! It was a lovely and creative way to get our voices heard.

My Healthy Outlets

I know it’s cheesy but some songs just give me that boast to continue thriving for a better future. Such as Fight Song by Rachel Platten and Read All About It by Emeli Sande.

As a tip for getting some control over my nightmares I was advised to go to sleep thinking about fighting back against the attacker so changing the actual ending of the dream. I would go to sleep thinking I was a powerful tiger and this would sometimes help. Naturally it lead me constantly listening to Katy Perry, ROAR!!!!

Currently for my anxiety Adele is working best. When my anxiety is high and I have done all my relaxing techniques and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Techniques) I listen to her amazing voice and it calms me down because she is a great female role model and her songs are so empowering they make me powerful and remind me that I can get through this difficult time.

Also playing her music really loud in the car and screaming/singing along is ace because the music is so loud I can just hear her, not me, and convince myself I sound like Adele 😛

Please post all your different ideas for letting off steam.

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