Myths About Rape

Myths About Male Rape

Myth –Straight male survivors may believe that the assault (whether the attacker is male or female) means that he is now gay or will become gay.

Truth – A man getting raped by another man says nothing about his sexual orientation before the assault, nor does it change his sexual orientation afterwards.

Myth –Straight male survivors may worry that they somehow gave off “gay vibes” that the rapist picked up and acted upon. For a gay man, especially one who is not yet out of the closet, the possibility that he is broadcasting his “secret sexual identity” to others without even knowing it can be particularly upsetting.

Truth – Rape is primarily prompted by anger or a desire to harm, intimidate or dominate, rather than by sexual attraction or a rapist’s assumption about his intended victim’s sexual preference.

Myth – Another misconception about sexual assault is that men who are raped become rapists. This is a destructive myth that often adds to the anxiety a male survivor feels after being assaulted. Because of this misinformation, it is common for a male survivor to fear that he is now destined to do to others what was done to him.

Truth – While many convicted sex offenders have a history of being sexually abused, a great majority of male survivors have never and will not ever become sexual offenders.

Myths About Female Rape

Go to Rape Crisis England and Wales –

Myths About Rape/Childhood Abuse and Sexuality

Being abused in childhood does not change your sexuality or ‘make you gay.’

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